Energosaramjal loan provides favorable finance for the installation of energy-saving windows and heaters, insulation of walls, roofs and floors, to create comfortable conditions at your houses and apartments.

The programme contemplates the funding of:

  • installation of energy efficient windows, entry doors
  • heat insulation of walls, recessed balconies, balconies, floor, ceiling, roof, basement etc.
  • installation of highly effective biomass/solid fuel boilers
  • installation of solar water heaters
  • purchase of heat pumps
  • photoelectricity
  • highly effective gas boilers
  • air conditioners with heating option

Who can borrow the loan?

  • Individuals
  • Groups of individual apartment owners,
  • Homeowners association
  • Condominiums

Requirements applicable to borrower:

  • Age–18 to 60
  • Permanent income
  • Positive credit history (if any)
  • For salaried employees – duration of service for at least 6 months at the last place of work
  • Entrepreneurial experience of 3 or 6 months

Key conditions applicable to individuals:

  • Currency: KGS
  • Annual interest rate: 30% per annum **
  • Loan amount: KGS 20,000 to KGS 1 mln.
  • Loan period: 3 months to 5 years
  • Borrower’s contribution: not required
  • Collateral:
    – immovable property
    – combined: immovable and movable property
    – under the loans of up to and including KGS 150 thous.  disbursement is permitted against the pledge of movable property and guarantee of 2 persons;
    – under the loans of up to KGS 150 thous.  for a period not exceeding 12 months disbursement is permitted against the guarantee of 2 persons;
    – no collateral is required in case of group loan.
  • Insurance: not required

The list of necessary documents:

  • passport copy of borrower and his/her spouse
  • copy of marriage certificate
  • statement issued by employer on the income for the last 12 months
  • documents for the immovable property provided as a mortgage (technical certificate, title documents, statement issued by the State Registry on no restraints)
  • other documents evidencing family income (if necessary)

How to borrow the Energosaramjal loan?

  • Make a site insulation costs estimate for the preliminary calculation of grant amount.
  • Prepare the list of materials and equipment.
  • Select the necessary equipment and materials from the list on Kyrseff.kg web site.
  • Contact construction services, materials or equipment vendors and pinpoint the prices.
  • Contact the nearest office of Bai-Tushum Bank or the Call Center: (312) 905 805 — and the Bank’s officers will provide you details on loan conditions and disbursement procedure.


** Effective interest rate: 34.47 per annum

***The interest rate and repayment schedule depends on the requested amount, loan term, solvency, collateral provided and others. Sales specialist will provide you with the repayment schedule, according to the requested amount and the above conditions.

If you have any questions, please contact the Bank’s Call-Center: (312) 905 805