International certificate issued by Smart Campaign,2014, 2016

Award for best practice of implementation of the “Client Protection Principles”, 2012.

Bai-Tushum received the award for best practice of implementation of the “Client Protection Principles” in realization of mechanisms for “Transparency and Responsible pricing” and “Grievances redress and satisfaction procedures.” The award was established by Microfinance Centre (MFC) and Smart Campaign in the frame of the initiative of implementation of the “Client Protection Principles.” Vision Fund AzerCredit (Azerbaijan) also received an award in implementing the principle of «Grievances redress and satisfaction procedures”. LLC MFO CREDO (Georgia) was awarded for the implementation of the principle of “Prevention of over-indebtedness.” As part of its activities Bai-Tushum always focuses on the interests of clients, building trust and partnership, and awards have once again confirmed the social orientation of the Bank.

Distinctions in the field of social responsibility (Social Performance Strengths), awarded by the KIVA Microfunds in six nominations: “Anti-Poverty Focus”, “Family and Community Empowerment”, “Entrepreneurial Support”, “Facilitation of Savings”, “Client Voice” and “Innovation”, 2011-2014.

The awarded by “Кiva” Microfunds nominations once again have confirmed the high competence of the Bai-Tushum Bank in implementation of the socially-responsible finance programs.

Rating “β+”, awarded by the M-Cril agency for social transparency, 2009

The Bank, one of the first in the Central Asia, has received a rating for its implementation of the social mission. The rating was carried out by the international rating agency M-Cril which has assessed the social performance of the Bank and has awarded a rating “β+”, that means, that the Bank uses good management systems and adheres to the social mission and values. In addition, the experts of the M-Cril have mentioned the following as strong qualities of the Bank: highly skilled Board of Directors and top management with a rich work experience; well established organizational structure and distribution of duties; satisfaction of the clients of the Bank with a wide spectrum of services and terms; and high satisfaction of employees of the Bank by their work environment.

  “Silver” award for social transparency, MIX, 2009

The Bai-Tushum Bank is the only in Kyrgyzstan which has been awarded with the award “Silver” for social transparency. The award has been founded with a view of encouragement of the microfinance organizations for disclosure of information in the field of social activity.

  Rating “BBB”, awarded by the Rating Company Microfinanza, 2008

In 2008 the Bank was subjected to the international evaluation of its performance by the International Rating Company Microfinanza, with the result that the Bank was awarded with the “BBB” rating. The insignificant drop of the 2008 rating in comparison with the previous “A+” has been substantially connected to the decrease of the rating of the country, due to the influence of the world crisis. Experts focus attention on high professional level of the Bank’s management, on qualified personnel, on effective procedures of the internal control which have allowed providing essential growth of the Bank, having kept thus the high quality of a loan portfolio.

Microfinance giant in Kyrgyzstan, 2008

The nomination has been awarded by Frontiers Public Fund for considerable contribution to the development of microfinance sector of Kyrgyzstan.

   Award for financial transparency, CGAP, 2006The Bank has become the first microcredit institution which won the CGAP competition “Financial Transparency Award” in Kyrgyzstan. Independent highly skilled international experts and auditor Moore & Stephens carried out the analysis of the financial reports of 231 microfinance institutions from 62 countries of the world, in order to assess their conformity to the international standards of the finance reporting and to the CGAP requirements to disclosure of information. Bai-Tushum and Partners company was among the 20 best institutions.
  Exemplary leadership in microfinance industry, ACDI/VOCA, 2004

The award for the Exemplary leadership and outstanding financial performance in the rural and microfinance industry in Kyrgyzstan.