Mission and values


The Bai-Tushum Bank promotes social and economic development of the Kyrgyz Republic by providing access to a wide range of banking services and innovative financial solutions for businesses and agricultural producers to ensure their stable growth.


Simplicity. Accessibility. Innovation.

The Bank has been doing its best to make customers feel comfortable and confident and enjoy banking services at any point in the world any time of the day or night. To this end, the Bank has been introducing innovative technologies and service channels to make banking user friendly.

Reliability. Confidence. Long-Term Partnership

The Bank has been developing in a stable and dynamic manner demonstrating its reliability. The Bank values its impeccable reputation and long-term partnerships and maintains

Openness and transparency

The Bank builds fair and transparent relationships with customers, shareholders, partners and employees, and strictly follows the laws, ethical norms and international business practices.

Corporate social responsibility

The Bank conducts business realizing its responsibility to the society and customers, and introduces special capacity building programs for sustainable development and the use of modern technologies.

Financial Inclusion

A significant portion of non-credit products, the Bank is actively promoting in the countryside, following the principles of increasing financial inclusion, and assisting in the development of local communities by providing access to finance, supporting women’s entrepreneurial initiatives and small businesses, as well as promoting financial literacy.