The Bai-Tushum & Partners Bank offers you to receive mortgage loan, which provides for funding of purchase and construction, as well as repair and reconstruction of residential immovable property.

Conditions of providing a loan:

  • Currency: som/USD
  • Credit amount: up to 5 million soms
  • Interest rate*: KGS – from 29,5%, USD – from 17,5%
  • Credit term: up to 7 years
  • Own contribution: from 30%
  • Guarantee: purchased real estate

Requirements for a borrower:

  • Age: from 22 to 65 years
  • The presence of permanent income
  • For individuals – continuous service or entrepreneurial work not less than 6 months;

The list of required documents:

  • Copy of debtor’s and his/er wife’s (husband’s) passport
  • Copy of the marriage certificate
  • Certificate of employment and income for the last 12 months
  • Documents for the collateral (data sheet, constitutive documents, reference from the State Register confirming absence of prohibition on the property)
  • Other documents confirming family’s income (when present)

Additional documents for entrepreneurs:

  • Registration certificate of a private enterprise or patent
  • Documents on purchased real estate
  • Other documents that can directly or indirectly confirm the fact of gaining income (signed and fulfilled contracts, acts of receiving a job flow, contracts for property lease, customs declarations etc.)

You can find the address and contact phone number of the closest Bai Tushum Bank office in section “Contacts” or find out in Bank’s Call center using the phone number:  (312) 905 805.

* effective interest rate is from: KGS- 37,95%; USD – 22,05%