General manager

Graduated from Kyrgyz State National University with honors, faculties of law and economics. She has a CAP certificate, a member of Union of accountants and auditors (UAA), also has certificates of CARANA, IBTCI, MFC and from other international training centers. Gulnara Shamshieva has taken a CARANA and IBTCI specialized training courses on financial and managerial accounting, training program of the Institute of Small-scale enterprises Development in Manchester (USA) for microfinance institutions on financial accounting in commercial banks. In 2008 she completed American Bankers Association (ABA) Stonier graduate school of banking, is an expert in microfinance and banking.

From 1997 to 2001 Gulnara Shamshieva worked as an accountant and financial observer in an international project within the framework of monetization program “Food for Progress”, conducted by ACDI/VOCA NGO and Swiss organization Caritas. In 2001 she was appointed as a General Manager of Bai Tushum Financial Fund.

Gulnara Shamshieva has been at the head of Bai Tushum for more than 15 years. In this period under her management Bai Tushum was transformed from a financial fund and microfinance company with the license to attract deposits to a universal Bank with a full banking license. Three years of activities as a universal bank showed that a strong participant of the banking system appeared in the market of the Kyrgyz Republic, which under the management of Gulnara Shamshieva actively implements innovations, international practice of doing business and adheres to client protection principles, builds long-term partnership relations with clients, shareholders and partners.


Deputy General Manager

Graduated from the International University in Kyrgyzstan, Higher School of Economics and Business, Master in Economics. She has more than 15 years of experience in microfinance sector. Nurgul Torobaeva started her work experience as an expert on reorganization of the financial system in frame of realization of World Bank FicSAC program of the National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic, later she worked in Finance Company of Credit Unions Support and Development as chief expert on methodology and supervision and manager of the audit and monitoring department.

She has three year experience in the project “Development of Rural Financial Institutions” of German Organization of International Cooperation. In the capacity of achievement, adaptation of software “Micro banker” is developed by FAO with GTZ for micro finance institutions, with requirements of credit unions and implementation of given software in 10 pilot credit unions.

She is working for Bai  Tushum  since 2005 starting from the Financial Manager position. Major achievement is the building of risk-management system and enhancement of financial management system based on market risk estimation.

She is Deputy General Manager since April 2010 and coordinating Treasury, Operational Department, Information Technology Department, Methodology Department and Security Service Department of Bank.

Nurgul Torobaeva has many certificates of the Bank Training Centre (Kyrgyzstan), the Microfinance Center (Poland), the International Finance Corporation and many others.  In 2010 she finished extension courses in the Banking School of the USA Bank Association. In 2012 she successfully passed exam and obtained certificate GARP (Global Association of Risk Practitioners).

Head of Credit DepartmentBolot Kalmatov has passed a long way from the intern of the credit officer till the head of credit department. Bolot Kalmatov has experience in lending as in terms of development of lending methodology and as in practical viewpoint.Bolot graduated with honors the Kyrgyz State National University on “Accounting and Audit” .Mr. Kalmatov has the following certificates: CAP (CIPA-EN), (Certified accountant-practician); course of “Managerial Accounting – II”.Bolot Kalmatov has been working in the bank since 2006 , he was appointed as a head of Credit Department from the April 2014, in July 29th 2014 he was approved as a Member of Bank’s Management Board.