The Bank in partnership with “Mobilnik” company has launched an e-wallet for legal entities


Not only legal entities, but now companies also can use the e-wallet. Now companies can pay for various services, transfer money to bank accounts of partners or counterparties, and also accept payments on their “Mobilnik Dengi” wallet. Please note that legal entities can register wallets only on the website.

How to register “Mobilnik Dengi” wallet for a legal entity:

  1. Follow the link
  2. Click “Create a wallet”, in the opened window select “Create a wallet legal entity”.
  3. 3. Enter all necessary data: the name of the organization, TIN, phone number (phone number of responsible person – who will manage the wallet in the organization), e-mail. Then click “Create a wallet legal entity”.

If you have already registered a wallet as an individual with your phone number, registration of “Mobilnik Dengi” wallet at the same time with the same phone number for legal entities is impossible.

  1. After registration, you should to fill out a profile (information about organization), having preliminarily selected the form – entrepreneur or legal entity. Also it is necessary to attach scanned copies of documents of the organization.
  2.  After entering the data, it is necessary to go through the identification process in division of “Bai-Tushum” Bank

On wallet’s interface in “INFORMATION” section there is all the necessary information how to go through the identification process, as well as a list of all required documents for opening an account in “Bai-Tushum” bank.