Our charming colleague Jannat Mederova joined the Bank “Bai Tushum” team last February.


A graduate of the Economics and management program of Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University, Jannat first tried herself in the civil service, but quickly realized that she had chosen the wrong field.

“I always wanted to work in a bank, but I wasn’t able to get employed right away – there were no vacancies. At first there was an internship, and a lot seemed so complicated and unfamiliar, but my colleagues and managers supported me and instilled a sense of confidence,” says Jannat, for whom the start of her banking career coincided with the addition to her family. Her youngest child was only 5 months old when a young mother took a chance of going to work in the bank, understanding that she had been waiting for this chance for 2 years.

“I believe that a person should keep himself busy in a business that he likes. After all, work impacts not only financial well-being, but is also important for professional growth,” explains Jannat.

Jannat chose the banking sector for professional fulfillment because she likes it.


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