How to get a mPOS for free and attract new customers? Detailed review


Non-cash payments are actively gathering pace in Kyrgyzstan. More and more shoppers want to pay with their bank cards. In such an active period, the business that offers customers such opportunity will be successful.

But what to do if a regular POS terminal is not suitable for your business and you need mobility? For this purpose, there are mobile-POS-terminals (mPOS). They have many advantages with exactly the same capabilities as stationary POS terminals. We will analyze mPOS in more detail.

What does it look like?

A mobile terminal (mPOS) is just two devices: a smartphone (tablet) and a small reader that reads data from a client’s chip or magnetic bank card.

That is, when receiving such an mPOS, you can immediately use it to accept payments through bank cards.

Freedom and mobility

The main and absolute advantage of mPOS is mobility. Such a compact device will allow accepting payments anywhere: in a retail outlet, in the street, in a taxi, when delivering goods or providing services anywhere. Of course, it becomes indispensable for delivery services and a small business that does not have sales points or sales points are located on the Internet.

high-speed Internet is not required for the operation of such a terminal. Payments can be made even in a village with 2G. But, like a regular POS terminal, it complies with all security standards.

New customer flow

mPOSes will attract new customers. As of January 1 of this year, Kyrgyzstanians had more than 2.4 million payment cards in their hands. Growth in 2018 alone was 20%. Last year, 38 million transactions were carried out through bank cards. This is one third more than a year earlier, and these figures will only grow.

By providing the payment possibility by bank cards for customers, and these are more often solvent citizens, you can count on the following:

·         Increase average purchase amount

·         Reduce cash collection costs

·         Minimize the risk of taking counterfeit money, losing or stealing money

·         Profit from each check, because 2% sales tax are not payable in non-cash payments

Convenient for business

A mobile application with a personal account of the company is attached to mPOS. It records all transactions, payment templates, product catalogs can be created and even geography of payments can be tracked. Checks to customers can be sent from a mobile application or via a web portal.

Such opportunities provide business with operations accounting and statistics gathering. And the generated reports can be downloaded in a convenient format.

Watch a short video  on using mPOS-terminal.

How much does it cost?

Like ordinary terminals, mPOSes are provided to customers for free. As usual it is necessary to bank for the Bank for account opening. Amount: 400 soms for legal entities and 100 soms for individual entrepreneurs. The fee from turnover on payment cards will be from 0.8% to 1.8%.

Account management – 0 som. Cash withdrawal from the account – 0 som.

How to get an mPOS?

Step 1: Fill an online application form at or contact any branch of the bank. All addresses are here:

Step 2: Conclude an agreement with Bank «Bai Tushum» for trade acquiring

Step 3: Open a current account

Step 4: Configure mPOS

Step 5: Conduct training on working with terminal

Bank «Bai Tushum» is the first and only bank offering mPOSes in Kyrgyzstan.

For all questions, please call the 24/7 contact center: +996 (312) 905 805, +996 (770) 905 805.