Bai-Tushum and Partners Company held the “Doors open day” for HR representatives of the leading finance credit institutions, international companies and projects


On 26 August 2011 an informal meeting of the HR managers and specialists of various finance credit institutions, international companies and projects was held in the Headquarters of CJSC MFC “Bai-Tushum and Partners” within the “Week of CSR 2011”*. The meeting was titled as “HR community in Kyrgyzstan.  Difficulties and challenges, possibilities and joys”.
The heads of HR department of 13 various institutions gathered with a view of exchanging their experience, searching the fresh ideas and collective development of nonstandard decisions in the area of human resources management. Within the event held the participants were shown presentation on the Company’s activities, information on achievements, plans for the future.

The meeting also covered the vital issues from the life of HR managers, such as: role and functions of the HR manager in institution, development of corporate culture in the Companies, creation of informal data base on employees, loyalty and turnover level, internal and external motivation of employees, employee retention programs, training of employees, events on corporate social responsibility etc.

It is worth noting that significant time was devoted to discussion of experience of introducing corporate social responsibility in institutions. The meeting’s participants shared their experience and vision of CSR development in Kyrgyzstan.

Warm friendly atmosphere of the meeting gave an opportunity to create a starting point for further heated discussion, sharing experience in informal atmosphere while “having tea”.

“It is pleasant to see when highly qualified experts in the area of human resources management meet in one place, get acquainted, debate, generate new ideas and share their valueless experience, openly discuss problems, try to find collective decisions. I believe that such meetings will contribute a lot to development of the HR communities and will help to establish close partner cooperation, thus promoting development of the HR management of Kyrgyzstan!” –confidently thinks HR manager of CJSC MFC “Bai-Tushum and Partners” Maksutova Ainura

*Organizers and initiators of “CSR Week 2011” are: CSR Business Network,  Aga-Khan Fund, Business advisory services program (BAS) of the EBRD, American Trade Chamber in the Kyrgyz Republic (AmCham), International Business Council (IBC) and Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE)