Participants of the summer professional orientation camp The Moon Project visited the head office of Bai Tushum Bank


First, young men and women who only make their choice of life path and profession, talked with the head of the HR department Jazgul Momunalieva, who told about the activities of Bai-Tushum bank. The young people got to know about the bank, its history, which now counts 17 years, and key departments. They learned how and where to study to be a banker and what are the prospects this specialty.

Then the guests met with the Bank’s CEO Maksatbek Ishenbaev, learnt why he chose the banking sector and how he managed to combine holding a responsible position, sports and other favorite things all these years. The young people asked very different questions, they were interested in everything: from the personal life of the leader to the bitcoins and the books that Maksatbek Ishenbaev likes. By the way, the CEO has advised to read Michael Roach and Ichak Adizes. ?

The tour, which took place in a friendly, almost informal atmosphere, was informational. We hope that some of our young guests will someday return to Bai-Tushum.