Bai-Tushum and Partners with Mol Bulak Finance held a charity event to celebrate the International Day of Disabled Persons


Bai-Tushum and Partners with Mol Bulak Finance held a charity event to mark the International Day of Disabled Persons in the rehabilitation center for disabled persons under Municipality of Bishkek in December 6, 2011. Action covered 247 disabled who undergo rehabilitation at the center.Bai Tushum and Partners and Mol Bulak Finance, being business partners with joint experience of working on the project with the south of Kyrgyzstan through the “Recovery Fund”, remain indifferent to the problem of people with disabilities. Each company allocated funds for the purchase of essential items for the center as well as sweets and gifts. The campaign organizers presented the center the heaters, carpets, children’s tables and sewing machines, which will contribute to the development and implementation of creative students. The Holiday started in the morning in a small auditorium, entertaining a group Aladdin won hearts of the guests with unusual stunts and tricks. Musical numbers performed by fantastic characters inspired by their artistry. At the end of the program each guest received a sweet gift. By this, program of the event was not completed; the participants showed performances: they danced and sang songs. At the end of the celebration a delicious dinner took place, and then everybody had fun at the disco.

In the rehabilitation center, which was established in 1999 at the initiative of Municipality of social workers, are treated, make handicrafts, create and communicate with each other children and adults, who by the will of fate have become disabled. Center gives them the opportunity to self-realize, to feel full members of society.