Child deposit “Grow up big”

You have an opportunity right now to take care of the child’s future by opening deposit “Grow up Big” and provide him/her material wellbeing on coming of age. The deposit “Grow up big” is opened to the child aged till 18 years. Right to dispose of account is provided to parents or legal representatives. On reaching of 14 years old the child can dispose of deposit independently.

Interest Rates

Currency 1year 2 years 3 years
KGS 10% 12%
USD 2% 3%
EUR 1.5%

Principal conditions of the deposit:

  • Minimum amount for deposit opening KGS 1000; USD 50; EUR 50
  • Minimum amount of replenishment KGS 500; USD 10; EUR 10
  • Maximum amount of replenishments of account: without restrictions except for 60 days before the end of deposit term.
  • Interest payment on the end of deposit term
  • Possibility of partial withdrawal: not applicable
  • Automatic renewal of the contract
  • Bonus!!! Early termination:
    • After ½ of deposit term, 50% of accumulated interests are paid
    • Before ½ of deposit term, interest payment is executed at the rate of demand deposit

Passport and Birth Certificate is required.

The interest rates on deposits in amount of KGS 1000 000 (one million) and more can be determined individually by the Bank.