VISA Business payment cards

International VISA card issued by Bai-Tushum Bank

WHERE— in any country worldwide

WHEN— at any time of the day

CURRNECY— in the currency of the country of stay, regardless of account currency

HOW– at sales outlet, in Internet, through ATMs

VISA card advantages:

  • More than 20 million of trade and service outlets around the world, which accept VISA card
  • Possibility to make any purchases through Internet
  • 24/7 access to money on the account. Client is not dependent on the bank’s business hours and can use the money at any time convenient on a 24/7 basis.
  • Safety— the cash lost is lost forever, it can be used by anyone who finds it. While if you lose a card, then you can prevent the unauthorized use of your card by promptly contacting the Bank
  • Regular expenses accounting–monthly statements or Internet banking enable you to easily track where and how much you spend.
  • Card-to-card remittances within Kyrgyzstan. You will only need to use ATM.
  • Payment to service providers through ATMs: utility services, mobile services, Internet services, TV etc., tax payments.
  • Savings– card balance in KGS is accrued 5% per annum
  • Short-term credit (overdraft)
  • Possibility to obtain additional cards

    VISA Business – cards for daily payment businesses.
  • Accounting for travel and entertainment expenses
  • Payment of bills for office equipment , stationery and so on
  • Payment of utility bills, etc.
  • Payment transactions businesses
  • Allows business owners to separate personal and business expenditure, as well as control the circulation of cash, as payment for the transaction is carried out only at the end of a certain period.

VISA card application

Tariffs for VISA payment cards for entities

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