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On May 16 our employees visited the milk processing plant in Kochkor region which is a participant of the value chain project

On May 16 the Bank’s employees visited the milk processing plant of Mrs. Akmatova, with which “Bai-Tushum” bank in conjunction with the USAID Agro Horizon project launched the financing of the value chain. Thus, the livestock breeders of Kochkor region – the participants of the value chain project got access to preferential financing on the


“Bai-Tushum” team took the 2nd place in the Fourth chess Championship of KPMG

This is our best result after many years of participation, and we have been participating for the fourth year in a row. As a result of a tournament our colleague Kanat Umaraliev once again, and this year for the second time became the best player among those who played on 1 board. Our 2nd chess


Maintenance works are planned on May 18, 19, and 20

Dear clients, Due to the scheduled maintenance on May 18 from 23:00 to May 19 05:00, and also on May 19 from 16:00 to May 20 06:00, the banking operations in Internet banking program, as well as all operations on cards and devices will be unavailable. Please plan your payments in advance. For all questions


Working hours of GUM CO on May 19

Dear clients, please be informed that the Cash outlet located at: 92, Chui street GUM TC will be open on May 19 from 10:00 to 16:00. Please plan your visit to the Bank and payments in advance.


On May 13 the team of “Bai Tushum” bank participated in a charity volleyball tournament

Yesterday the Bank’s employees participated in a charity volleyball tournament, organized by the “Bir Dem” Public Fund, Bishkek City Administration and the Volleyball Federation of Kyrgyzstan. Such a tournament was held in Bishkek for the first time. The teams that “fought” on the field: “Politicians”, “Business Lady”, “Generation BEST”, “Representatives of show-business”, “Journalists”, “Sportsmen” and


Hurry up to get new furniture by installments at 0% from our partner “Euro Mebel”

We remind that one week is left until the end of the special offer from Bai Tushum bank and our partners– “Euro mebel” store. The special offer is effective till May 20. If you wish to renew your interior in installment, better hurry! Special offer goods can be bought: ✅ at 0% p.a. ✅ for


We invite you to the charity volleyball tournament, where our Bank’s women’s team will participate

The team of Bai Tushum Bank will participate in charity volleyball game, which is organized by the “Bir Dem” Public Fund with the support of Bishkek City Administration and the Volleyball Federation of Kyrgyzstan. The competitions will be held on May 13 in the sports and recreation complex on the South Highway. The beginning is


This Saturday the Bank’s employees took part in the race organized by the NBKR in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the introduction of the national currency and the Constitution Day of Kyrgyzstan

The race was held in the Botanical Garden in 2 age categories for women and men: under 35 years old and over 35 years old and also included a relay race for women and men in the format of 4 participants for 100 meters for each one. The relay race was, perhaps, the most spectacular


In celebration of the 25th anniversary of the national currency and Bank employee’s Day, our colleagues from Jalal-Abad and Karakol branches were awarded with certificates of honor, letters of gratitude and memorable gifts

At a solemn event in Jalal-Abad at the Barpy Theater, the manager of the Jalal-Abad branch of Bai-Tushum bank Victoria Nikolaevna Buravkina received a letter of gratitude from the National Bank of the KR for her contribution to the development of the financial sector of the region