Internet- banking

Internet banking allows customers to manage their bank accounts remotely without leaving home or office, as well as on vacation anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Internet Banking allows you to:

  • view your account balance
  • generate a statement for the relevant period of time
  • generate payment instructions to transfer funds from one account to another (intrabank transfer, interbank transfer, SWIFT transfer)
  • conduct exchange operations (“Exchange”)

The Bank customer who has a current account or a deposit is provided free access to Internet banking after signing an agreement to connect to the service. Just visit the nearest Bank office and sign the Application and the Agreement.

Internet banking
Connection to the system free of charge
Issue of PIN envelope with password free of charge
Re-issue of PIN envelope with password KGS 100
Account service through Internet banking free of charge

The Bank imposed the following limits applicable to clients’ Internet Banking payments:

  • for individuals the daily payments limit will constitute KGS 200,000 (equivalent in foreign currency).
  • for legal entities the daily payments limit will constitute KGS 500,000 (equivalent in foreign currency).
  • To apply for individual limits, please contact the nearest Bank’s office and fill out the application.

For Internet banking you only need Internet connection, it does not require installation of special software. Latest versions of standard Internet browsers are used for Internet banking (Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Chrome, Opera, Safari) with installed Flash Player 9 ( or higher).

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