Elcart payment cards

Elcart payment system – is the broadest network of ATMs in Kyrgyzstan

Bai-Tushum Bank offers its clients Elcart bank payment cards in the national currency. Elcart payment card issued by Bai-Tushum Bank enables you to make non-cash payments for goods and services at trade and service outlets, receive cash at cash disbursement outlets and through ATMs in the Kyrgyz Republic, as well as make payments for utility services and other payments to service providers.

Advantages of Elcart payment card:

  • plastic card issue at no cost;
  • affordable annual card service fee;
  • access to money on 24/7 basis through ATMs across the country;
  • on-line control over all operations through sms-notices and through Internet banking;
  • possibility to verify the ownership of card by its holder (personalization);
  • possibility to receive cash through ATMs and at cash disbursement outlets of Bai-Tushum Bank, or any other banks (ATMs with Elcart logo);
  • safety of money in case of card loss or theft– possibility to block the lost card and issue a new one, with the recovery of all money on the card.

Elcart bank payment card enables to:

  • pay for goods and services at trade and service outlets in Kyrgyzstan;
  • receive cash money through ATMs and at cash disbursement outlets;
  • pay for utility services, make payments to service providers: mobile operators, Internet providers, TV etc., using ATMs and POS-terminals;
  • make card-to-card money transfers through ATMs or POS-terminals.
  • use card to receive salary and other money receipts.

Additional services

  • Possibility to obtain additional cards for family members at any of the Bank’s offices
  • Possibility to control account through Internet banking system
  • Accrual of interest on card account balance— 3 percent per annum
  • Provision of prompt consultancy support to card holders regarding the use of plastic cards through Bank’s Call Centre

Tariffs for Elcart payment cards for entities

ATMs and POS-terminals of the Bai Tushum Bank