VISA payment cards

VISA International cards from Bai-Tushum Bank

WHERE — in any country of the world, in retail outlet, in internet, in ATMs, in bank’s divisions.
WHEN — any time of day.
CURRENCY — in currency of the visited country, regardless of an account currency.

Advantages of VISA card:

  • More than 20 million retail and service outlets all over the world;
  • Ability to make any purchases through Internet;
  • 24/7 access to account balance;
  • Security: lost cash is lost forever, anyone who finds it may use it. And you if lose a card, then by contacting the Bank, you can prevent the unauthorized use of Your money;
  • SMS-informing – connect to SMS informing and receive notifications on any debit operations 24/7;
  • Expenditure record maintenance: with the help of monthly statements, mobile banking, or Internet banking, it is easy to track where and how much you spent;
  • Sending remittances from a card to a card throughout Kyrgyzstan. You only need to use ATM
  • Ability to obtain a short-term loan (overdraft);

VISA DEBIT VIRTUAL is an analogue of payment cards that exists only in electronic form. It allows you to make online purchases (e-commerce) and protects you during the online payments.

Advantages of Virtual Card:

  • Instant issue
    It’s digital (no plastic)
    Total control with Mobile Banking BTB 24

VISA Gold —a premium category card, which emphasizes a cardholder’s status and provides access to a number of privileges, provided by international VISA card.


  • Payment for purchases in shops, salons, supermarkets and over the Internet;
  • Receiving cash in ATM networks worldwide;
  • Taking out a short-term loan (overdraft);
  • Receiving discounts and special offers in the VISA Premium Offers Program when booking hotels, renting cars around the world;
  • Ability to use the services of Global Customer Support (GCAS): emergency card replacement, emergency cash withdrawal, blocking and unblocking cards, 24/7 information support;
  • 24-hour medical and legal  directory service;
  • Operations are carried out with mandatory authorization, which ensures the safety of your funds even if the card is lost;

VISA Business — cards for daily payments by companies.


  • Accounting of travel and representation expenses;
  • Payment of bills for office equipment, stationery, etc. .;
  • Payment of utility bills and other settlement transactions of enterprises;
  • Allows business owners to separate personal and business expenditure items, as well as monitor cash turnover, as payment for transactions is made only at the end of a certain period.

Rules of use of the “Bai-Tushum” Bank OJSC payment cards for individuals