Bai-Tushum’s system of money transfers within Kyrgyzstan Yldam

Bai-Tushum Bank offers you to use new money transferring system “Yldam” without opening an account. The system provides immediate money transfers all around Kyrgyzstan without opening a bank account.

Advantages of the money transfer system “Yldam”:

  • Low rates. Transfer commission:- In soms – 0,15% of the transferred amount; the minimum is 35 soms- In foreign currency – 0,52%, the minimum is 1 USD
  • Money transfers can be done in soms, USD, rubles, and euro
  • There is no limit on the transferred amount
  • The speed of delivering remittance is 2 minutes
  • Presence of a wide branch network
  • Efficiency and safety

In order to transfer money using Yldam system it is required to:

  • Indicate first, last, and middle name, and passport data of a person who receives the remittance if you send it to an individual;
  • Present an identification document to a bank officer (passport)
  • Deposit the remittance amount and pay commission according to the bank tariffs.

In order to receive a remittance it is required that:

  • A client presents his/er passport and the code of a remittance to a bank officer;
  • The bank officer writes out cash out orders;
  • The client receives cash.

Addresses ad contacts of the closest to you Bank’s office you can find here.