CONTACT is the first Russian money transfer system that has been operating in the market since 1999. The CONTACT system is operated by Rapida NPO LLC.

The CONTACT system allows remitting money in a swift manner and at a low price at Bai-Tushum Bank’s offices based on a simplified procedure, with no need to open an account:
• globally– Kyrgyzstan, Russia, CIS and far-abroad countries– in general more than 170 countries;
• in Russian Rubles, US Dollars and Euro;
• disbursement in cash, by crediting to Visa*, MasterCard*, UnionPay* cards, by crediting to recipient’s account both of an individual and legal entity in any bank in Russia, European countries, USA, Canada, Vietnam, Turkey, UAE, India*, Thailand, New Zealand, Singapore, Australia, Hong-Kong and Malaysia (CONTACT-Account service);
• speedy delivery: in a real-time mode. The time of remittance disbursement depends on time difference between the remitting entity and receiving entity, as well as on recipient bank’s business hours;
• sms notifications to remitter’s mobile phone regarding the current status of the remittance;
• disbursement not bound to a certain address– remittance may be received at any CONTACT point in Kyrgyzstan, Russia and CIS countries.
* There are limitations applicable to issuing banks.

CONTACT rates:
You can remit money from Kyrgyzstan with the commission fee of 0.1% of remitted amount depending on remittance amount and destination. For full rate schedule, please see the web-site of the CONTACT system
Maximum amount per transfer:
• to CIS countries: 600,000 RUB / 20,000 USD / 20,000 EUR
• to far-abroad countries – is established in accordance with the national legislation of Recipient’s country.
The amount that can be remitted per one operating day should not exceed 15,000 USD. Identification document must be presented.
The main advantages of the CONTACT system:
It is beneficial – the cost of services is covered by the remitter only — the recipient gets the remittance free of charge.
It is convenient– in order to make a remittance you don’t need to know the details of recipient’s bank, all you need is to name a country, city where the funds are to be transferred, as well as the full name of the recipient and it will suffice. The transfer of money within Kyrgyzstan, Russia and CIS countries is not bound to address– money are disbursed to the recipient at any CONTACT point in a given country.

It is fast – the simplified procedure for processing remittances takes several minutes and doesn’t require filling out remittance forms.
It is reliable– the safety of transfers is ensured by the special software with advanced information protection technology.
In order to remit money you will need to:
• Drop by the office of Bai-Tushum Bank with a convenient location, which effectuates CONTACT money transfers;
• Inform the Bank’s employee on recipient’s last and first name, as specified in his/her passport;
• Present identity document;
• Sign remittance form;
• Pay remittance amount and commission fee;
• Inform recipient on the address, where CONTACT remittance may be received, remittance amount and number. Remittance will be disbursed in full, with no additional fee deducted from the recipient.
In order to receive remittance, you will need to:
• Get remittance number and amount from the remitter;
• Come to CONTACT system point during its business hours;
• Present identity document;
• Sign remittance disbursement form;
• Receive remitted amount.
No fee is deducted for the disbursement.
For additional information about the CONTACT system — please go to or contact 24/7 help desk at 00-800-2020-42-42 (free for Kyrgyz residents calling via Kyrgyztelecom landline).