Deposit “Bai Tushum Convenient”


Currency 3 months 6 months 9 months 12 months 18 months 24 months
KGS 3% 6% 7% 9.5%
USD 0.5%  1%  1.5% 3%  –

Principal conditions of the deposit:

  • Minimum amount for deposit opening 1000 KGS, 20 USD;
  • Minimum amount for replenishments of account: 500 KGS, 10 USD without restrictions except for 90 days before the end of deposit term.
  • Maximum amount for deposit opening 3 млн. сом, 40 000 USD;
  • Interest payment on the end of deposit term or on monthly base
  • Partial withdrawal is not foreseen
  • Automatic renewal of the contract

The interest rates on deposits in amount of KGS 1 000 000 and more can be determined individually by the Bank.

The effective interest rate is calculated individually for each deposit and depends on the initial deposit, the period of deposit, the amount of additional contributions during the period of deposit.   The effective rate on deposits is 3,04%-9.92% per annum in local currency, 0.5%-3.04% per annum in foregn currency.