Bank account

Bank “Bay-Tushum” provides services for opening and managing bank accounts on demand for individuals in soms and foreign currency for settlement operations related to the implementation of business activities. The interest rate on demand deposit is equal to 0% interest.

Bank’s rates for the project

Banks requisites

Upon opening a current account in Bai-Tushum Bank customers can use the following services:

  • Opening and maintaining accounts in KGS and foreign currencies,
  • Money transfers in Kyrgyzstan and abroad,
  • Intra-bank transfers in local and foreign currencies,
  • Conversion transactions (foreign exchange)
  • Opening of corporate payment cards of Elcart payment system to pay for:- Expenses related customers’ business activity- Travel and official expenses
  • Elcart salary project
  • Internet banking for any transaction from the account in 24/ 7 mode

Advantages of using Bai-Tushum Bank:

  • Extensive network of branches throughout Kyrgyzstan;
  • Extensive network of correspondent banks;
  • Professional service by qualified specialists;
  • Transactions on the current account and access to funds in any division of the Bank throughout Kyrgyzstan
  • Secure keeping of cash and competitive rates;
  • Secure electronic payment system (SWIFT);
  • Guarantee of confidentiality.
  • You can access information about your account balance and cash flow via Internet banking any time or by telephone using the code word.