The Bank “Bai – Tushum” is one of the sponsors on the World Nomad Games


For the first time from 9th to 14th September Kyrgyzstan hosted the first World Nomad Games in Issyk-Kul.

Kyrgyzstan has initiated this major event, organizer of the event is Ministry of Culture and Sport. The goals of this unique project are retention and promotion of the ethnic culture, cultural unity of all ethnic groups and popularization of their sport activities.

The Bank “Bai – Tushum” was pleased to support an international event as the World Nomad Games in a modern format. We are confident that the first World Nomad Games is an opportunity to the advancement of national sports games and conservation of authentic spiritual values of nomadic peoples, – said Gulnara Shamshieva, General manager of the bank “Bai-Tushum”.

The tournament was attended by 22 teams and more than 430 athletes from 19 countries. Competitions were held in 10 sports: Alysh (belt wrestling), Alaman Baige (racing over rough terrain long distance), Jorgo Salysh (horse-racing-pacers), Kazak Kurosh, Kok Boru, Kunan Chabysh (The three-year old racing horses) Kyrgyz Kurosh, Ordo (Kyrgyz national game by Alchik), Toguz korgool (Kyrgyz intellectual table game) Er Ehish (wrestling on a horseback).

According to the results of the world Nomad Games a team from Kyrgyzstan is leading by the official medal count with a total number of 55 medals, from them 16 gold, 20 silver and 19 bronze. On the second place is standing Kazakhstan, by Kazakhstan team were won 28 medals, from them 10 gold, 9 silver and 9 bronze. The third place was taken by Turkmenistan with 3 gold and 3 bronze medals. The fourth place won Tajikistan with 1 gold and 3 bronze and the fifth place was taken by Mongolia with 1 silver and 6 bronze medals. Russia won 5 bronze medals.