The Bai-Tushum Bank congratulated veterans of the Great World War II on the Victory Day


Bai-Tushum” Bank presented to veterans a heartful, nostalgic, perky and at the same time thoughtful day of remembrance dedicated to the Great Victory. It was truly a worthy celebration for worthy people.

– May 9 is not just a great holiday. This is a day of remembrance of those who have done everything so that the sky over our heads is peaceful. From year to year there are fewer veterans of the World War II, therefore on this day our bank always finds an opportunity to support, help and pay attention to many veterans. During holidays the branches of “Bai-Tushum” Bank held a charity events throughout Kyrgyzstan, helping 500 veterans for the amount over 440 thousand som”, – said General Manager of the “Bai–Tushum” Bank Gulnara Shamshieva.

By the way, those veterans, battle-front veterans, homefront workers who were not able to attend celebrations have been visited by our Bank’s staff members in their houses.

 – Over the past 5 years our bank allocated nearly half a million soms for congratulating veterans of the Great Patriotic War. The historic importance of the great holiday is increasing every year, therefore we of course will continue honoring those people in the future too – said Gulnara Jamankulovna.

About the Bai-Tushum Bank

Bai-Tushum was created in 2000 by the U.S. International Development Organization ACDI/ VOCA. On November 13, 2012, Bai-Tushum became the first microfinance organization in Central Asia to receive a full banking license from the National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic. In 13 years the organization has become one of the largest microfinance institutions in the Kyrgyz Republic with the total assets amounting to USD 130 million. Today, the Bai-Tushum Bank is among the seven largest banks in the Kyrgyz Republic, serving more than 32,000 clients.