Fire drills are conducted in the Bank


Recently fire drills were carried out in Head office, in Naryn, Batken and Karakol branches of “Bai-Tushum” bank. Representatives of the Ministry of Emergency situations gave a briefing. Employees learned how to use a fire extinguisher, provide first aid, recalled the rules of conduct in the event of force majeure and the reaction rules when a flame development is detected.

Such studies will be conducted in other branches of our bank by mid-May.

Until then, we give a short instruction that will help you in case of fire. ⤵

  1. As soon as you find out that there is a fire in the building, go to the exit immediately.
  2. Do not wait for the announcement that it is an educational alarm: it is likely that the fire is real, and you are losing valuable time.
  3. If a fire started right next to you, inform the security staff, or better yet, press the fire alarm button.
  4. If there is a fire extinguisher nearby – use it. Then immediately go to the exit.
  5. Do not run, walk with quick steps. Calmly inform the other people on your way that there is a fire in the building and it is necessary to leave the dangerous place as soon as possible. Be serious and focused, do not panic.
  6. If smoke spread starts, try to walk by bending over: smoke goes up.
  7. Find an opportunity to soak a rag (towel, hat, scarf, mittens, sleeve) – and cover your face with it.
  8. Be sure to close the doors behind you and in any case do not open the windows – the draught increases the fire.
  9. If you managed to leave the room, do not come back. Better inform the staff of Ministry of emergency situations of where you came from and if there are any more people there.
  10. If there is no possibility to leave the building, tightly plug all cracks and air vents, lie on the floor.
    And do not forget about the fire department phones: 101 and 112.


? Do not get into the elevator. Elevators should be switched off at the first signs of fire.
? Do not try to go to the upper floors, smoke there is the most.
? Do not run, if clothes catch a fire: the fire will only become stronger. It is better to fall to the ground and start rolling, so there is a chance to extinguish the fire.
? And most importantly – do not panic! According to experts, it is panic that takes up to 70% of the time left to people to rescue.
Share this information with your friends. This simple knowledge in case of fire can save someone’s life.