Today 200 children from 7 oblasts of Kyrgyzstan left to Issyk-Kul to Barchyn children recreational complex.


Elim Barsynby charity foundation organized the trip, and Bai-Tushum bank was a gold sponsor.

This is what the director of the Foundation Habibulla Arzykulov told about this initiative:

“It’s been 5 years now that Elim Barsynby Foundation directs 200 children to summer camp. They have a rest in Issyk-Kul for 7 days. This year it was possible thanks to Bai-Tushum bank. Children from all oblasts were selected. These are orphaned children and children from needy families. There are some children among them who are going to Issyk-Kul and to summer camp for the first time. This is a joyful occasion for them. Many of us in our childhood were resting in summer camps, and we know how good it is there. For children this is a new additional strength, inspiration and motivation to build their future. But it does not end at a week-long camp. We regularly hold free courses and trainings for children during the year. Psychologists work with them to prepare them for the future. Why do we do this? The Kyrgyz have a well-known saying: “Children are our future”. If we are already preparing them for the future, properly educate, then we will have the hope that the leaders will grow from them, which will contribute to the development of our country. We express special gratitude to the administration of “Bai-Tushum” bank and to all their staff. I also want to thank personally the CEO of the bank Maksatbek Ishenbaev, we wish you success, happiness and prosperity!”.

And we, in turn, would like to thank Elim Barsynba Foundation for this kind initiative and wish the children to have a good vacation, learn a lot of new things and make new friends!