How to become a holder of a Pensioner’s Card issued by Bai-Tushum Bank


Dear clients, we remind you that under the agreement concluded with the Social Fund of the Kyrgyz Republic, Bai-Tushum Bank offers pensioners to formalize Elcart payment cards to receive their pension.

Pension card advantages:

  • Free annual service
  • 5 percent p.a. ACCRUED ON THE CARD BALANCE
  • FREE cash withdrawal through ATMs and at the cash points of Bai-Tushum Bank
  • Possibility to withdraw cash through more than 2,080 ATMs across Kyrgyzstan.
  • on-line control over all operations through Internet Banking;

How to get issued a Pensioner’s Card by Bai-Tushum Bank:

  1. Drop by any of the Bank’s offices and present your passport and pensioner ID card
  2. Make the application and execute the Elcart payment card issue and service agreement
  3. Submit the application formalized at the Bank to the Social Fund department in your community

Pensioner’s Card rates 

24/7 technical support phone number:

Interbank processing center:  (312) 637696, 692881, 627230;

For the address and contact phone number of your nearest Bai-Tushum Bank office, please see Contacts section or make enquiry to the Call-Center: (312) 905 805.