“Bai-Tushum and Partners” Microfinance bank has launched new deposits


“Bai-Tushum and Partners” Microfinance bank has launched new deposits for individuals:

• Child deposit “Grow up Big”;

• “Exclusive” deposit with accumulation and partial withdrawal options;

• “Your capital” deposit with interest capitalization

Child deposit “Grow up Big” gives a possibility to parents, relatives or just good friends to take care about the child’s future even now or to make a present for him/her as savings for certain event, or to ensure material wellbeing on coming of age.

“Exclusive” deposit is a convenient way to save and accumulate money to make important purchases in the future. Flexible deposit conditions provide partial withdrawal of money without losing earned interest income .

Monthly capitalization of interest is the main advantage of “Your capital” deposit that allows receiving maximum income. Interest will accrue on deposit on a monthly basis and add to deposit principal, which increase total profit.

More detailed information about new and current deposits you can find in “Deposit Products” section.

For more information on deposits, you need to contact by phone number +996 (312) 905 795.