Changes in service rates on account replenishment and loan repayment in “Mobilnik” terminals


Dear Clients!

We hereby inform you that from September 1, 2018, the change in the charging of the services for replenishment of the account and loan repayment in “Mobilnik” terminals owned by the agents comes into effect.

From September 1, 2018, 1.75% fee of the replenishment amount will be charged for these services.

Please note that the account replenishment and loan repayment in the terminals of Bai Tushum bank, as well as the Mobilnik terminals located in the Bank’s office, will continue to be free of charge, as before.

Also you can use other ways of account replenishment and repayment:

  • E-wallet Mobilnik –1% fee;
  • E-wallet BalansKG –0.9% fee;
  • Payment terminals BalansKG –0.9% fee;
  • Payment terminals Umai and agents –0.9% fee;
  • Payment terminals Quick Pay – 1% fee;

In case of additional questions, please contact

Call Centre of the Bank (0 312 ) 905-805

WhatsApp     (0 777 ) 905-805