Can a loan significantly improve life of a family? Our many years of experience show that it can.


One of such examples is the family of Zamira Ahmedovna Butabaeva.

Zamira Akhmedovna is engaged in animal husbandry and growing vegetables on the field. She applied for a loan in the Bai-Tushum Bank through KIVA line ➡ 3 years ago to expand her farm business.

“The loan helped increase our livestock number. Last year, for cattle sale proceeds, we built a two-room makeshift house. Now we have one horse and 13 heads of small cattle. Bank conditions on the KIVA line are favorable, which is very attractive. In the future, I want to increase the livestock number and give good education to my son Sulayman, who is going to head to university,” said Zamira Akhmedovna.

We are convinced that plans of Zamira Ahmedovna will translate into reality in the best possible way!