Opinion on his work and Global money week of Georgy Morozov, the winner of the national drawing contest


“In my drawing I pictured Som, which is celebrating its twenty-fifth anniversary. Kyrgyzstan is sitting next to it, and it is congratulating our currency and wishing it further prosperity”,- says the student of the school № 13 Georgy Morozov, who won first place among the children aged 15 to 17 at the national drawing contest.

Georgy believes that the topics raised by the Global Money Week are certainly important.

“Our generation is the future of the country, and considering the fact that we at our age fumble with money, such a campaign as Global Money Week should teach us financial literacy. In my opinion this campaign will last for many years”, the student says.

Anyone can visit the exhibition of children’s drawings in the Museum of Fine Arts. The exposition will last until April 4.