Bai Tushum Bank offers a special program to finance leasing of greenhouses


To develop leasing of equipment for greenhouses, Bai Tushum Bank signed a partnership agreement with Agroindustrial Ecocomplex LLC, which provides technical and consulting assistance to farmers throughout the country. Private and peasant farms, agricultural cooperatives and private entrepreneurs can participate in the leasing program.

The joint program is designed to support entrepreneurs through machinery upgrade and provision of long-term funding on favorable terms. Loans are issued for up to 7 years. The interest rate for loans in the national currency is 24 % per annum, in dollars – from 20 % per annum. Farmers are offered individual repayment schedule based on seasonality and specifics of business.

 Bai Tushum Bank is ready to offer other banking products based on farmers’ individual needs.

ACEC Company – a promoter of new technology to agriculture in Kyrgyzstan. Company’s objective is not just selling orchard houses, but making them most profitable and useful for a client. “Agricultural ecocomplex” offers to Kyrgyzstan’s farmers not only orchard houses from the best manufacturers in the world, but it also shares technologies and experience, so that all efforts of farmers bring maximum return.