Join Bai-Tushum Discount Club!


How to acquire even more clients by installing a Bai-Tushum Bank POS-terminal at your store, salon or café? Join Bai-Tushum Discount Club!

For now a number of our partners have already taken advantage of this opportunity, among which are BestFeel dental clinic, GNH Salaam Namaste Indian Restaurant, Small Italy dry cleaner, U Doma market, Violanta beauty shop and many others.

Within the Discount Club network each holder of Visa or Elcart card issued by Bai-Tushum may get a discount of 3 to 25 %, which means the continuous growth of the regular clients of the Club member businesses.

As a reminder, if you become our merchant acquiring partner, you get a number of advantages:

 Discount on taxes – 2 % of sales tax, pursuant to the adopted law on non-cash payments development
 Increased trade due to acquisition of clients that hold payment cards (by 18-23 %)
 Reduced time of service and cash collection costs
 Reduction of financial loss and staff errors risks
 Reduced risk of taking forged bills, loss or theft of money at trade outlet
 Clients’ loyalty

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