Bai-Tushum Bank has launched instant payments via Internet banking


Bai-Tushum and Partners Bank is pleased to inform its customers about the introduction of a new service – “Instant Payments” via Internet banking. The service allows to make non-cash payments from the current account to various organizations, top-up the mobile account in a few minutes, pay utility bills, pay for internet services, television and many other services.

Just connect to the Internet banking, enter your Som account number, select a service and make payment. It should be noted that the connection to the Internet banking and “Instant Payment” service are free, and the ability to make on-line payments saves time, making the payment process more convenient and accessible around the clock.

The main advantages of Internet banking are time-saving, easy to connect, easy to use, high operational efficiency and secure cash management regardless of the Bank’s operating mode. SSL technology is used for connection to Internet banking, which allows authentication of the client and makes data exchange completely inaccessible for unauthorized interception or tampering.