Bai-Tushum Bank and Gazprom Kyrgyzstan LLC together launch a household gas supply project in Bishkek residential communities and new built districts


Under the 2015-2017 investment program Bai-Tushum Bank and Gazprom Kyrgyzstan have launched a special project contemplating the disbursement of loans for household gas supply in the residential communities and new built districts in the city of Bishkek. By the end of 2017 the gas supply investment program is expected to cover 22 new built districts in Bishkek, as well as Mykan village. It is noteworthy that the construction of pipelines to distribute gas among streets and the installation of gas meters is funded by Gasprom Kyrgyzstan LLC, while people will only have to pay for pipe laying from street pipeline to a residential house up to connection point, the cost of gas boiler installation and assembly. To cover these costs one can borrow a loan from Bai-Tushum Bank.

Gulnara Shamshieva, General Manager of Bai-Tushum Bank, pointed out: “For this project we provided for a simplified funding scheme. When borrowing loans, new district residents don’t have to offer immovable property as collateral; moreover, a minimum documents package is requested: borrower’s passport, documents for the gas equipment to be procured, income statement and gas equipment installation estimate”.

According to the General Director of Gazprom Kyrgyzstan, Bolot Abildaev, the launch of gas supply one-stop-shop and the development of the joint credit product became one of company’s priority projects, aimed at the improvement of consumer service.

The project encompasses all gas supply stages, from design drawing to houses connection to the gas supply system.