The Сompany conducted first trainings for clients on financial literacy


In March and April there were held first trainings on financial literacy “Plan Your Future” for Bai-Tushum and Partners Company’s clients. The trainers were employees of the Company, who passed a special training on the program of Microfinance Centre (MFC, Poland). The training program was oriented at families with low income and combined aspects of economic education, development of entrepreneurial skills and culture of savings. More than 40 people attended the group training sessions; the main task was to focus the customers’ attention on effectively managing the family budget and the importance of financial planning. The training was provided in the form of workshops, in which the attendants had the opportunity to take the first steps towards rational planning the family budget and the balanced approach to borrowing.

Throughout the sessions the coaches paid special attention to the development of skills for managing income and expenditures, setting financial goals and development of a financial plan, methods and opportunities for savings and reasonable borrowing. Company plans to carry out such trainings at each branch.

G. Divazova, client of Bishkek branch, said: “At first when I was invited to take part in the seminar, I did not quite understand what I can learn there. The most interesting discovery for me was that anyone can save and that you can achieve your goals if they are properly identified. For many years I received loans from other organizations, whereas in Bai-Tushum and Partners for the first time. Nobody told me how important it is to manage your money. We can really see that this company really cares about its customers. When I return home, I will tell my household, how to plan for their future.”

Training on Financial Education “Plan Your Future” was developed by the Microfinance Centre (MFC) in 2004-2005 within the project “Financial Education for the Poor», funded by the Citigroup Foundation and implemented under the leadership of organizations Microfinance Opportunities and the Freedom from Hunger, and on the basis of their own research. Educational Package “Plan Your Future” is aimed at meeting the basic needs of people in financial education for low-income countries with transition economy.