In honor of International Children’s Day Bai-Tushum and Partners Company held charity events in orphanages and boarding schools throughout the Republic


In honor of International Children’s Day Bai-Tushum and Partners Company organized annual charity events throughout the whole Kyrgyzstan, which were held from 29 May to 1 June. Within this charity events Company supported more than 450 socially vulnerable children, including children from asocial families, disabled children and orphans.Company provided its assistance to 47 children living in “Kelechek” orphanage in Kirgshelk village, Chui region.”The children of this orphanage are involved in Children’s Art Workshop project, where they have learned to dance. Therefore together with the management of the orphanage we decided to purchase musical equipment to organize different celebrations and to further develop children’s skills – said Gulnara Shamshieva, General Manager of CJSC Bai-Tushum and Partners Microfinance Company. «Children and Art are practically inseparable concepts. Every child instinctively strives for the beauty. With such a gift we hope to help children from the orphanage to discover their talents. Indeed dancing does not only develop musical abilities of children but also brings aesthetic taste in them, promotes health and overall physical development”.

Within this event special concert was organized by the Company. None stayed without a gift at this event, each child got school supplies and candies.

Also assistance was rendered to Republican Specialized orphanage in Tokmok town. Within the framework of this action Company acquired foodstuffs and soap-detergents. In May 29, 2012 charity event was held for orphans and disabled children living in an orphanage in Cholpon village, Kochkor district, Naryn region. According to director of orphanage and home educators, orphanage wasn’t provided by charitable aid. The Company purchased for the orphanage TV and DVD player and sports equipment: balls, volleyball net, ropes and clothes for children. The Company gave each child a gift that contained candies, cookies, chess, drafts and fruits.

For the Boarding school for deaf and visually impaired children in Kashgar-Kyshtak village (Osh region) the Company acquired new beds. Support was also provided to psycho-neurological boarding school in Jalal-Abad, where more than 96 children live. Annually, by June 1, the Company allocates the funds to repair this boarding school. In Batken region charitable aid was provided to children’s department of the regional center for tuberculosis control. Company acquired new appliances: refrigerator, TV and DVD players. In Issyk-Kul region support was given to children from asocial families living in the orphanage “Meerim Bulagy.” The Company has built a playground. In Talas region charitable aid was given to Pokrovsky rehabilitation home for children with disabilities, Company purchased refrigerator, as well as soaps, detergents and diapers.

CJSC Bai-Tushum and Partners Microfinance Company operates in the microcredit market for more than 11 years and today is a steadily developing Company. It is among the three largest microfinance organizations in the country, covering about 20% microcredit market. Within the charitable activities, Company continually provides assistance to the neediest social institutions and socially vulnerable populations in honor of important holidays in the country, such as Nooruz, Children’s Day, Victory Day, Kurman Ait, Orozo Ait, and others. Company provides special attention to the social institutions in the regions for which funding is limited at present.