Bai-Tushum Bank. Three “restart” methods for small and medium businesses


The development of any business requires investments. And if large companies find a solution quickly, it is more difficult for small and medium businesses. Bai-Tushum Bank found a solution of a situation. Now businessmen can obtain a loan quickly and without unnecessary fuss.

Loan will be definitely provided!

What is important for an entrepreneur in obtaining loans? First of all, the speed and confidence that a loan will be surely provided. Since last year the business clients have received distinct advantages in Bai-Tushum bank. One of such products for a business segment is a financial limit, which is provided for 6 months.

By getting a FREE financial limit, customers can receive financing any time, when it is necessary, and will always know the potential amount of possible investments in prospective projects.

A loan within the financial limit can be disbursed without additional analysis within 1-2 days. Therefore, the bank’s clients in case they have some business opportunities or idea, can always rely on the bank’s support and have advantage in negotiations with own partners. And most importantly, setting a financial limit is completely free.

Profitable overdraft

Another interesting product for small and medium businesses from Bai Tushum bank is the overdraft. In Bai Tushum they have made it even more profitable for entrepreneurs. The product allows covering short-term financing needs. In the meantime you don’t need to overpay for insufficiently used funds. Pay only for the days you used it.

For example, you urgently need to pay for purchased raw materials or you have a good opportunity to buy goods at a discount. You can count on the bank: it will finance your purchase. And all this is in a blink of an eye and profitable. And there is no need to provide collateral and a long list of documents.

The Bank provides an individual and multifaceted approach in servicing businesses.

“By choosing Bai-Tushum bank as a reliable financial partner, business clients will always receive an individual and multifaceted approach, accompanied by favorable and convenient financial solutions. In addition, the bank is always ready to consider individual rates at constant cooperation”, said Kanat Kurmanov, member of the Executive Committee, head of the sales department of Bai-Tushum bank.

Convenient for an employee, convenient for an accountant

Another service that the bank provides for convenience of businesses is salary projects. Thanks to this service, the load on cash transactions conducted by accounting departments of organizations is reduced.  In the meantime, the security and confidentiality of payments is guaranteed.

Salary projects from “Bai Tushum” will unload an accountant. As there is a possibility to transfer employees’ salaries by single payment by submitting to the bank of a payment order and a list of salary amounts to credit to their accounts.

There is also a pleasant addition to the social package of an organization. Bai Tushum bank provides for 3-5% per annum on the employee’s account with a minimum balance of at least 1 thousand soms on the card account.

In addition, all transactions can be made 24/7, using Internet banking. By the way it can be connected in Bai Tushum absolutely for FREE. Internet banking allows the clients to view account balances, send transfers both within the Kyrgyzstan and abroad, replenish a card, deposit and even exchange currency on favorable rate.

Contact center’s telephone number: (0312) 905 805

11:03, February 9, 2018 – IA “”, Tatiana KUDRAVTSEVA