Bai Tushum Bank made lending to small, medium and corporate businesses even more convenient and affordable


The development of any business, especially a high technology business, is always connected with the need for large financial investments. In a competitive market such investments allow companies to respond to any changes in the business environment in a timely manner and increase sales. Therefore in the period of such development of companies, it is very important to have a reliable business partner who is ready to offer convenient and effective solutions.


With constantly increasing demands from business clients, Bai Tushum Bank, with the support of the Shareholder Special Fund of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, has launched a project to strengthen the Bank’s potential on working with segment of small, medium and corporate businesses. In the framework of the launched innovations, business clients received distinct advantages related to the shortening the time for decision making by Bank on loan provision and launching a convenient product line with a differentiated price approach. In addition, business processes in ​​lending have been substantially optimized, which reduced the cost of customer service.

One of the innovations for a business segment was a financial limit, which is set for a period of 6 months. Using this limit, clients can receive financing any time when it is necessary. It should be noted that any products within the financial limit are disbursed without additional analysis within 1-2 days. Therefore, if clients have any business opportunities or ideas, they can always rely on Bank’s support and have advantage in negotiations with their partners. And the most importantly, setting a financial limit is absolutely free.

One more innovation is an overdraft for business clients. This is a convenient product that allows to close short-term financing needs, while not overpaying for inefficiently used funds. After all, when overdraft is used, clients pay only for a specific number of days during which the product was used. The Bank’s existing and new clients can set an overdraft limit without collateral, and without the need to monthly pay the debt.

By choosing Bai Tushum Bank as a reliable financial partner, business clients will always receive an individual approach and quality service, accompanied by profitable and convenient financial solutions.