Bai-Tushum Bank sponsors the national drawing contest under the Global Money Week — 2017


A national drawing contest was announced to be held during the 6th Global Money Week and sponsored by Bai-Tushum Bank. We invite children at the age of 7 to 17 to actively participate and get money prizes. The contest is held with the aim of enhancing financial literacy and attracting children’s and youth’s attention to the necessity of learning how to manage money, set goals and develop financial plans for the future. The works should be submitted not later than 5:00 p.m., March 10, 2017 at: 108 Umetaliev str., Bishkek, the Development Policy Institute office, tel.: 0(312) 97-65-30 (31,32,33,34).

Entry subjects: Contest is held among the students of general educational institutions of the Kyrgyz Republic at the age of 7 to 17 based on the categories: Prize pool:
  • What is money?
  • My personal budget
  • What is family budget?
  • Financial planning and savings in our life
  • How to make savings and use money smartly?
  • Do I manage pocket money right?
  • Money to spare likes good care
  • Reasonable spending is a guarantee of success in life
  • Earn on savings
  • Study and earn


  • 1st category – 7-10 years old, 3 winning places;
  • 2nd category – 11-14 years old, 3 winning places;
  • 3rd category – 15-17 years old, 3 winning places.


  • First place– KGS 5,000,
  • Second place– KGS 3,000,
  • Third place – KGS 1,500.


Drawing contest regulation (VND2017)

As a reminder, the Global Money Week is the annual international campaign that the Kyrgyz Republic accedes for the 4th year in a row.  The global money week will take place from March 27 to April 2. The theme in 2017 is: “Learn. Save. Earn”. The contest was organized by the initiative group in charge of holding the Global Money Week -2017 in the Kyrgyz Republic under the leadership of the National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic, which is also comprised of the Development Policy Institute, Educational Initiatives Support Fund, Association of Microfinance Institutions LEA, Association of Credit Information Users LEA, Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), International Finance Corporation (IFC), Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic, Agency for Deposit Protection of the Kyrgyz Republic, State Tax Inspectorate under the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic, State Agency for Youth, Physical Culture and Sport under the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic and other financial institutions etc. In addition, the Global Money Week — 2017 international campaign will include various activities, trainings and contests, which strive to inspire children and youth to get knowledge about money, savings, possibilities of launching business, employment, as well as bring public attention to the need of being financially literate in order to make informed decisions in the future.