Instant money transfers to the VISA cards issued by Bai-Tushum Bank!


Dear clients!

We are happy to announce the launch of a new service – money transfers to VISA cards within ANELIK money transfer system. Under VISA Direct project, the Bank provides services for the replenishment of VISA payment cards issued by Bai-Tushum Bank with cash in Russian Rubles, US Dollars and Euro at any ANELIK service point.

This service makes it possible for our clients, who hold VISA cards, to receive money directly to their cards, while staying anywhere in the world. Today it is the simplest method to receive money transfer in the comfort of home.

The specific features of this service are the simplicity of transfer, accessibility for card holders in any country and beneficial rates, huge global coverage and fast money receipt. It takes just 10-15 minutes to receive the transfer.

In order to make the transfer you need to know recipient’s last and first name, as well as VISA card number. The residents of the Kyrgyz Republic can make their transfers at any office of Bai-Tushum Bank.

Money will be converted at the exchange rate of VISA payment system.

The time required to transfer money to the VISA cards of Bai-Tushum Bank is 10-15 minutes.

The time required to transfer money to the VISA cards of other banks is 10 minutes to 2 days.


Currency Amount Fees



Up to 5,000 150 RUR
Up to 10,000 200 RUR
Up to 15,000 250 RUR
15,001 and above 1 %


Up to 100 3 USD
Up to 200 4 USD
Up to 335 5 USD
336 and above 1,5 %


Up to 100 3 EUR
Up to 250 5 EUR
251 and above 2 %