On May 16 our employees visited the milk processing plant in Kochkor region which is a participant of the value chain project


On May 16 the Bank’s employees visited the milk processing plant of Mrs. Akmatova, with which “Bai-Tushum” bank in conjunction with the USAID Agro Horizon project launched the financing of the value chain. Thus, the livestock breeders of Kochkor region – the participants of the value chain project got access to preferential financing on the basis of a contract with the plant and guaranteed milk sales, and the plant, in turn, increased the volumes of raw materials

According to Akmatova, plant manager, the project turned out to be very profitable for all participants: “We managed to increase production volumes and enter the market of Kazakhstan, and supply products to large outlet chains in Bishkek”.

Mubara Djamalova, head of the business development division, after visiting the plant said: “Our task is not only to provide access to financing for farmers, but also to optimize the entire process. In all value chains when milk is delivered to the plant, 50% of the amount is given to a farmer in cash, and 50% – directed to loan repayment. In case a client wants to repay a loan remotely, he just needs to make a payment through a payment terminal or an e-wallet “Mobilnik Dengi”. I’m sure that in the future this scheme of operation will be successful”.