Merchant acquiring cooperation

Moreover, the Bank offers stores, cafes, restaurants, entertainment facilities, drugstores, beauty shops and other retail and service outlets to conclude agreement for the service of VISA and Elcart payment cards under payments for services and goods.

  1. As our merchant acquiring partner, you benefit in a lot of ways:
  • Non-cash payments for goods or services are not subject to sales tax  (2% of sales tax pursuant)
  • Increase of goods turnover through the acquisition of clients holding plastic cards (18-23%). When paying with cards people tend to spend more, choose more expensive goods and are likely to make unplanned purchases, as they are not constrained by certain cash amount;
  • Reduced time of service and cash collection costs;
  • Mitigation of financial losses and staff errors risks
  • Safety – lower risk of taking counterfeit money, loss or theft of money at retail outlet.
  • Loyalty of clients and enhanced trust in your organization – because you provide clients with a choice of payment form and thanks to cooperation with Bai-Tushum Bank
  • Soft rates for cash and settlement services
  1. If you conclude cooperation agreement with Bai-Tushum Bank OJSC you get:
  • Free training of your company’s staff to handle POS-terminals;
  • Advanced and mobile POS-terminals Verifone Vx 675;
  • Possibility to use VISA and Elcart cards both with magnetic strip and chip;
  • Flexible rates and discount system for retail and service outlets
  1. Just 4 steps to become a Bank’s partner:
  • Step 1: Conclusion of merchant acquiring agreement
  • Step 2: Opening of settlement account with Bai-Tushum Bank OJSC
  • Step 3: Installation of POS-terminal at cash desk
  • Step 4: Brief training on how to handle the terminal



Bai Tushum

Another Bank

Elcart from 0,8% from 0,8% from turnover on payment cards
VISA  from 0,8% from 1,8% from turnover on payment cards

Related information:

Please note that pursuant to the amendments made to the Decree of the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic dated December 23, 2015 No. 869 “On measures to protect consumer rights”, a list of certain activities was approved stating that retail and service outlets must install and use equipment (devices) designed to accept payments through banking payment cards at the location of their activities.