Sweet harvest

Requirements for borrowers:

  • experience in growing sugar beet (at least 1 year)
  • positive credit history (if any)
  • loan purpose: costs associated with growing sugar beet

Loan amount:                       KGS 30,000 to KGS 300,000
Interest rate:                        25% p.a. and more
Loan period:                         1 agricultural cycle
Borrower’s age:                  18 to 65 years old

Possible activities that may be funded with the loan:
Fertilizers, crop protection agents, weeding, irrigation, harvesting, sugar beet transportation.

Why Bai-Tushum loan?

  • Loyal approach to collateral;
  • Repayment of principal after sugar beet delivery to the factory;
  • Quick decision-making without visit to business;
  • Guarantee to receive fixed price from the factory for sugar beet supply.

Contact details of the offices, where you can receive further information about this loan: https://www.baitushum.kg/en/branches/

*The interest rate and repayment schedule depends on the requested amount, loan term, solvency, collateral provided and others. Sales specialist will provide you with the repayment schedule, according to the requested amount and the above conditions.

* Effective interest rate:28,18% in KGS