An excellent CAMPAIGN from Bai-Tushum has started.


Now by using Visa and Elcard cards from “Bai-Tushum” bank in everyday shopping, you can not only save on sales tax, but also win cool prizes!

A unique campaign has started on August 15, which allows everyone who uses Visa and Elcard for payment for services and   in the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic, to win a trip to the United Arab Emirates for Asian Cup 2019 and other pleasant prizes: smartphones Xiaomi Redmi5 and a power bank.

At the end of campaign, 16 (!) participants will receive gifts, and every card holder from Bai-Tushum bank will receive cash back in the amount of 1% of all amounts of card expenditure transactions during the Campaign.

No coupons, additional barcode registration, and other mess are needed for participation – just use your card instead of cash. After all, it is not only profitable, but also very convenient!

Pay with Bai-Tushum’s cards and win prizes!


Правила Акции а также Оферта для физических лиц указана ниже по ссылке:

Правила Акции 

Оферта для физических лиц по Cashback в ЗАО Банк Бай Тушум