Bai Tushum Bank offers salary project for companies and enterprises


Salary project is a convenient service for noncash transfers of salary and other equal to it payments on personal accounts of organization’s employees. Bai Tushum Bank offers realization of the salary project to its customers, that allows decreasing of load on cash operations, that are done by accounting department of the company; it provides safety and confidentiality.

 “Elcart” payment system is the widest ATM network around Kyrgyzstan.

 Advantages of the salary project from Bai Tushum Bank for organizations:

  • Favorable  tariffs;
  • Saving financial means on cash operations implementation
  • Confidentiality of employee salaries
  • The ability to install ATMs in the office of the organization;

Holders of “Elcart”card, can also take advantage of the following Bank services:

  • Pay for products and services in retail and service centers in Kyrgyzstan;
  • Get cash in ATMs and cash output centers;
  • Pay for utilities, payments to service suppliers, mobile operators, internet providers, television etc., using ATMs and POS-terminals;
  • Conduct money transfers from card to card, using ATMs or POS-terminals;
  • Use the card for getting salary and other financial income.