The Bank has raised interest rates on deposits


Dear clients!

We are happy to announce that Bai-Tushum Bank is increasing its deposit interest rates for individuals up to 17.5% and offers more favorable deposits, which will provide you with a reliable way to save money and a source of additional income in the form of accrued interest.

Bai-Tushum deposits are distinguished by convenient terms, attractive conditions and favorable interest rates.

Bai-Tushum deposit – a special deposit with up to 17.5 percent per annum gives you an opportunity to save and increase money. The deposit is convenient for those, who need to save money for a planned purchase, and at the same time, gain additional income.

Grow Big deposit for children – by opting for Grow Big deposit, you can take care of your children’s future even now, ensuring their material well-being when they reach lawful age.

Exclusive deposit – a convenient way to make savings and accumulate money for expected large purchases. Flexible deposit conditions provide for the option of partial money withdrawal with no loss of the income earned as interest.

Your Capital deposit – this deposit has certain advantages as compared to other offers, as it provides for monthly capitalization of accrued interest, thus ensuring the maximum income. Interest on deposit is accrued on a monthly basis and added to the principal deposit amount, therefore increasing the ultimate profit.

The Bank has developed a special deposit program for businesses, which enables entrepreneurs to invest their idle funds on favorable conditions, and in addition provides an opportunity to mitigate inflation risks. The deposit is a flexible financial instrument, through which an entrepreneur may significantly raise the efficiency of the activities.

Accumulative deposit – a special deposit that enables to accumulate and increase money. The deposit is distinguished by replenishment option. As deposit amount increases, your income grows as well.

Fixed Term deposit – the special thing about this deposit is the possibility to receive monthly income. The deposit is good for those, who need to save money for a planned purchase, and at the same time, earn additional income.

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