Package tours, vacation in installments with the bank “Bai Tushum”


One week is left until the summer, in the heart – the expectation of vacation, in the head – bold plans to conquer exotic countries and beaches, and in the wallet … And it does not matter what is in the wallet! Because the Bank “Bai Tushum” has an excellent loan – “Goods by installments”, which can be used not only for large purchases, but also for traveling. ?

We work with such wonderful travel agencies as Kyrgyz Concept, Sanny Travel and “Money Travel”, and they will gladly offer you a tour that will leave the most pleasant impressions.

Learn more at ➡…/retai…/loan-products/tally-trade/, by calling 0 (312) 905-805, 0 (770) 905-805 or on WhatsApp: 0 (777) 905-805.

Sea and adventures are waiting for you!