What to do if extra money was withdrawn from your card


Bank cards are slowly pushing cash aside because it is more convenient to use a card. But what to do if your money disappeared from your card?

This situation is rare, but in theory it could be for two reasons:

  1. due to a technical failure or operational aspects with foreign banks
  2. due to fraud

In any case, you have to act quickly in order to return your money. You should contact the bank on the day when shortage was detected.

Case 1. Excessive money was written-off in online store

Maybe the store blocked money twice by mistake for the same order. Call hot line (for bank “Bai Tushum” (0312) 905 805), please explain the situation and follow the instructions.

Case 2. Money was written-off for offline purchase

Sometimes POS-terminals have failures. Payment does not proceed, the seller asks you to re-enter PIN code or pay in cash. You agree. A few minutes later you receive a notification that the first payment was successful. What can you do? First of all, keep the receipts, even with the notification that the payment has not taken place. Secondly, try to solve the problem onsite with the administrator or cashier. And if it does not work, contact your bank to chargeback.

Case 3. Money was written off from account on cash disbursement in ATM, but cash in ATM was not received

In this situation, the rule No. 1: do not go anywhere. If the ATM decides to give the money in 3-4 minutes after you leave, someone else will get it. Call a hot line and describe the situation without going away from the ATM. Take a photo of the ATM screen. If there were any witnesses, write down their telephone numbers.

If bank’s employees were not able to solve the problem on the spot, please contact any branch of the bank and write an application. In your application be sure to ask them to verify the encashment data with the information on the ATM receipt tape, and specify in the application the time of the phone call to the help desk when you first informed the bank about the problem. The Bank has to investigate and return the funds to you.

Case 4. You did not do anything, but money is lost

This is a difficult situation, because first of all, the reason was a banal robbery. Call the bank urgently with the request to block your card. After this the same day you should write an application to chargeback, and of course, write a statement to police. Unfortunately in case of theft it is not easy to get the money back. Therefore, never give your card to others; keep the PIN-code in an inaccessible place (and better keep in your head). Defrauders are watchful, but we have to do everything so that they keep away from you.