We NEED YOUR HELP! Give CHANCE TO HEAR to a little Alisher!


Der freinds,

Staff member of the Naryn branch, Manas Israil uulu asked us to help! His nephew – Alisher Erkinbek (was born on 17 December 2014), suffers from a serious illness, he does not hear, and if we talk in medical terms – had bilateral sensorineural hearing loss “Sensorineural deafness.” But the boy can be helped, he has a chance to hear their parents and close people, he needed medical surgery! Such an surgery is being performed in Turkey, the cost is $ 30,000.

In order to collect money for the surgery, relatives and friends of the boy to organize Charity Concert with participation of Kyrgyz pop singers, such as Aychurok Imanaliev, Aibek Karymov, Dinara Akulova Askat Musabekov Kenzhe Duysheeva, Kubanych Sataev Sultan Sadyraliev, Gulzhigit Kalykov, Zamir Choco.

Concernt will take place in  the Bishkek Sport Palace , August 17, 2017 at 18.00.

The ticket price is 300 and 500 soms (depending on the places).

By purchasing tickets for a concert you can help to little boy to hear the WORLD!

For all questions, please call 0 (555) 75 93 13 (Manas Uulu Israil).

Phone of Alisher’s father: 0555330273 (Azis)

ELSOM: 0550 908612

Accounts with other banks:

BIC 128009

Bank account: 1280096040356325 (KGS)

Bank account: 1280096040356628 (USD)

Bank account: 1280096040356527 (EURO)

Bank account: 1280096040356830 (RUB)