People often ask us how to credit a settlement or card account. And how to use a mobile banking BTB24?


It is very simple!

In order to credit your accounts, you can use terminals Quickpay, Umai or Pay24 (former terminals of Asisnur) or come to the cash office of any division of our bank.

And BTB 24 is nothing more than a wonderful and convenient tool for managing your accounts 24/7. A great opportunity for full control and mobility. ☝

Download BTB 24 on your smartphone right now from

Google Play ➡… or
App Store ➡….

Given that this is not just a mobile wallet, but a means of accessing all your accounts, a one-time bank registration is necessary for your security. 1 visit to us, your passport and some time to get a password to access your BTB 24 are required.

Welcome! We are always happy to see you.